Ductwork and Windbox Access Doors

Features & Benefits:

  • Suitable for all ductwork and windbox applications
  • Locking dogs and quick open spider locking mechanism ensures positive seal even in higher pressure applications
  • 4″ of rigid insulation provides low cold face door temperatures
  • Built in thermometer for displaying gas temperatures behind the door

Ductwork Windbox Access Door

Ductwork Windbox Access Doors

Standard Sizes

Custom sizes available upon request

Nominal Door SizePart NumberDoor Radius
18" X 18"4-6071-A29"
18" X 24"4-4530-A29"
20" X 40"4-6132-A31"
24" X 24"44-3336-A35"
24" X 36"44-3032-A35"
24" X 48"44-3890-A35"
24" X 60"44-3342-A35"
30" X 30"4-6125-A41"
30" X 60"44-4681-A41"
30" X 72"44-3433-A41"
36" X 48"44-3591-A47"
36" X 60"44-3627-A47"
45" X 57"4-6475-A56"
48" X 60"4-6264-A59"

Ductwork Windbox Diagram