Tube Fabrication Services

Tube Fabrication Services
Material Bent

Materials Bent:

Straight Tubes
Riffled Tubes
Overlay Weld
Heavy Wall Tubes
Process Piping

Fabrication Capabilities:

  • Bending up to 4″ OD tubes and pipes
  • Hydraulic boost assisted bending process
  • Mandrels used if needed or by request
  • Ovality < 8%
  • Wall thinning < 8%
  • Automated tube OD and ID beveling
  • Automated membrane welding
  • Testing services include U T, borescope and hydrostatic
  • Tube stud installation


  • Boiler Doors
  • Sootblower Ports
  • SNCR Penetrations
  • OFA Penetrations
  • Burner Throats
  • Loose Tubes
  • Hydrojet Wall Panels
  • Panels Pendant Tube Replacements

Inconel Overlaid Tubes