Coal Flow Analyzer Powered by MIC

Coal Flow Analyzer

Online Pipe-to-Pipe Measurement & Control System

The Coal Flow Analyzer is a real time pipe-to-pipe distribution monitoring system. Powered by MIC systems, this microwave based solution continuously omits waves into the coal piping. Variations in the mass flow of the coal are detected and the real-time pipe-to-pipe distribution is displayed on the local computer.

When paired with either the P&I Adjustable Orifice Valve or the Lehigh CoalControl™ Adjustable Riffle, the Coal Flow Analyzer provides an accurate, reliable, and easy to use system for performance and combustion optimization.

Based on pipe to pipe coal distribution data, each burner air register can be tuned to achieve the lowet possible NOx as well as reducing slag formation that can result with a heavily loaded pipe.

Coal Flow Analyzer Pipe


  • Portable system can be used across multiple mills and multiple units
  • EPRI Tested
  • No pressure drop
  • Does not need to be calibrated
  • Highly accurate and reproducible
  • Fits into existing sampling ports
  • Helps reduce fuel consumption
  • Can be directly tied into DCS
  • Dust free fitting allows for clean testing
  • Coal flow velocity measurement

Portable System

Portable SystemThe compact Portable System can be used to gather data on a per mill basis. Using existing sample ports, pipe to pipe distribution can be gathered in a few hours. Portable system can be easily taken to other units on the same site or to other plant sites. This system should be part of the equipment of every utility’s combustion optimization team.

MIC Raw Voltage Totals

Tracks the signal from the feeders perfectly

Output Displays

Portable System
Portable System


Permanently installed full unit system

Sensors are mounted in every coal pipe and their signals are sent to control boxes, then to the DCS in the control room, or to a stand alone work station in the control room, or any other location per customer requirement.

  • Three sensors per pipe give the most accurate data
  • No special spools are needed for installation
  • Probes can be installed or replaced while the unit is online resulting in major installation savings
  • Nothing sticks into the coal flow resulting in the lowest maintenance cost of all suppliers of similar equipment
  • Data can be used to size fixed orifices or to set adjustable orifices or adjustable riffles
  • No calibration or temperature compensation needed resulting in fast installation and data acquisition

Full Unit System

Data can be used for diagnostic analysis of coal feeders and pulverizer changes and loadings. 2-year warranty on parts and service. Includes yearly plant visit to check equipment and free replacement of any sensor that fails during normal wear.

Permanently installed full unit system

Sensor Installation

Sensor Installation

Permanent Installation Control Box

Permanent Installation – Control Box