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Eastern InstrumentsAccurate Airflow Measurement

The trend to improve efficiency in today’s power plants drives the need for effective boiler trim controls which, in turn, requires accurate airflow measurement. Airflow measurement that is not repeatable, accurate, or representative of mass flow can destabilize the airflow control loop. Eastern Instruments offers extremely accurate airflow measurement that is built on over 35 years of pitot development technology.


VAP3®/PACentral to Flow Measurement

VAP3®/PA Pitots have a unique velocity averaging, parallel plate, proprietary design which provides an accurate differential pressure output that allows for precise airflow measurementand control of the combustion phase of power generation. With no upstream ports, the VAP3®/PA Pitot is resistant to plugging caused by airborne particulate and is, therefore, perfect for measuring Primary, Secondary and Over-Fired airflow, especially when coupled with the High Beta® Flow Conditioner.

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HighBeta® Eastern Instruments

Air Flow Measurement With Limited Straight Duct Runs

The High Beta® Flow Conditioner incorporates an array of VAP3®/PA Pitots with flow straightening vanes and a converging duct section to condition airflow at the point of measurement. Reducing the effects of turbulent, reverse and cyclonic air flow patterns in complex duct systems, the High Beta® maximizes the accuracy of the flow measurement and is a great replacement for a wide variety of air flow measurement devices including airfoils.

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