VAP3®/PA Pitots

Central to Flow Measurement

Eastern InstrumentsVAP3®/PA Pitots have a unique velocity averaging, parallel plate, proprietary design which provides an accurate differential pressure output that allows for precise airflow measurementand control of the combustion phase of power generation. With no upstream ports, the VAP3®/PA Pitot is resistant to plugging caused by airborne particulate and is, therefore, perfect for measuring Primary, Secondary and Over-Fired airflow, especially when coupled with the High Beta® Flow Conditioner.

VAP3®/PA Pitot

Features and Benefits

  • Velocity Averaging Parallel Plate Design— Multiple DP Sensing ports allow velocity averaging across the full traverse of the duct
  • VAP3®/PA Pitot Configuration: Resists airborne particulate plugging
  • Teflon® Hard Anodized 6063 Aluminum Construction—Hardened for long life expectancy
  • Controlled Port Profiling—Ensures repeatable measurement for higher degree of accuracy
  • No Moving Parts—Virtually no spare parts or maintenance costs
  • Simple, Robust Design: Very few process penetrations with optional boltin installation