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Fineness Testing and Mill Optimization

The coal particle size spectrum has a strong impact on the combustion process. It influences ignition delay, combustion efficiency, LOI, NOx & CO, as well as slagging and fouling. Despite the significance of this property, there has not yet been a robust and easy to handle system for the online measurement of coal fineness inside the pipe.


EUcoalsizer solves this problem. The laser based system measures the particle size distribution and the coal as well as PA/PF flow. By traversing the lance through the pipe, a particle size distribution along the cross-section of the coal pipe can be measured. The time of transition method covers a very wide range of particle sizes from 20 μm to 4 mm. The simultaneous measurement of coal and air flow proves to be an essential prerequisite for fuel line balancing and coal flow optimization.


The EUcoalsizer system comes turn-key and can be directly applied via an adapter to the coal pipe. The system delivers results on-line and instantaneously. Handling is very easy via an intuitive graphical user interface. The system has many helpful features to support analysis and optimization (report generator, data base, etc.)

  • Rugged industrial design for exposure to highly abrasive flow conditions
  • Effective lance length > 1 m (covering pipe diameters up to ~625 mm / 25″)
  • Probe diameter 51 mm (2″)


  • On-line combustion optimization (reducing LOI, emissions, slagging)
  • Pulverizer performance monitoring
  • Condition-based pulverizer maintenance
  • Coal flow and air/fuel distribution tuning
  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Real time, dynamic Rosin Rambler chart
  • Accurate air/fuel ratio measurement

FEGT Measurement with EU Flame

EuflameEUflame is …

  • an integrated single-dual color pyrometer system that permits combined measurement of flame temperature, gas temperature, and opacity.
  • a flame temperature monitoring system for advanced control of furnace temperature and combustion process (emissions, LoI, slag)
  • designed to operate in small and large scale combustion chambers
  • robust design and easy to apply
  • part of advanced boiler control systems (e.g. EUcontrol)

Essential product features

  • Continuous monitoring, localization and visualization of flame temperature distribution, temperature peaks, and fluctuations
  • Early identification of problematic operating conditions and coal quality changes
  • Self-monitoring on contamination
  • Integration into optimization systems such as EUcontrol
  • On-demand and selective initiation of on-load cleaning devices

Euflame Diagram

1/4 the cost of similar products on the market

Why Use EUflame for FEGT?

  • Simple installation
  • Gain greater control of ash fusion temperatures
  • Predict slagging and reduce outages
  • Reduce material strain by monitoring for peak temperatures
  • EU flame pyrometers offer superior accuracy when compared to acoustic pyrometers.
  • Reduce LoI
  • Optimize sootblowing