Fly Ash Replacement Parts – United Conveyor Replacement

Power & Industrial Services has no affiliation with United Conveyor Corporation (UCC)

Power & Industrial Services manufactures improved replacement parts for your United Conveyor Ash Systems. Harder wear resistant cast metals and custom ceramic linings will reduce your maintenance costs by giving you longer wearlife. Power & Industrial Services has no affiliation with United Conveyor. All parts are manufactured by Power & Industrial.

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  • Interchangeability of assemblies and spare parts with United Conveyor assemblies and parts
  • Extensive stock program

 Custom Ceramic Lining

  • All potential wear surfaces have alumina and/or silicon carbide linings

Wear Resistant Parts

  • 600 BHN investment cast seat
  • NiHard or Ceramic gate liners

Ceramic Lined Fly Ash Diffuser Feeder

Innovations for Longer Wearlife

Spare Parts are Interchangeable with OEM Parts

Fly Ash Diffuser Feeder

Cast Steel Body

Ceramic Lined Discharge Tee

Ceramic Lined Discharge Tee

Butterfly Valve

12″ Butterfly Valve


Butterfly Valve - Diffuser Feeder - Discharge Tee

Butterfly Valve – Diffuser Feeder – Discharge Tee

Ceramic Lined Fly Ash Intake Valve

  • Silicon Carbide body liner—one piece
  • Machine ground ceramic or NiHard gate
  • Replaceable seat—600 Brinell investment cast
    • Model A—4 5/8” I.D. Throat
    • Model B—4” I.D. Throat
  • Cast steel body

Ceramic Lined Fly Ash Valve & Tee

Ceramic Lined Fly Ash Intake Valve Assembly

Investment Cast 600 Brinnel Seat

Cast 600 Brinnel Seat

Ceramic or NiHard Gate Liner

Ceramic or NiHard Gate Liner

Ceramic Lined Valve (Closed)

Ceramic Lined Valve (Closed)

Ceramic Lined Fly Ash Intake Tee

Plain end

Fly Ash Intake Tee Plain end

Complete assembly:

  • Silicon Carbide liner
  • Handhole plug and gasket
  • Retaining bar and bolts

Beveled end

Fly Ash Intake Tee Beveled end

The 500 Brinell white iron body is cast with a recess in the wear area. A specially designed one piece silicon carbide liner with back mounted attachment bolts is installed into the recess providing a smooth ash flow.

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Fly Ash Diffuser Stones

Stainless steel fluidizing assembly.

Power & Industrial offers a stainless steel fluidizing assembly consisting of a 316 stainless steel wire mesh fluidizing media with an upper and lower retaining bracket. The assembly is a superior substitute for the diffuser stones.

Longer Life

  • Cleanable
  • Moisture resistant
  • Damage resistant
  • Lower pressure drop

Fly Ash Diffuser Stones

Diffuser Stones: All sizes in stock

Fly Ash Diffuser Stones

Stainless Steel Fluidizing Screens

Diffuser Fluidizing Assembly

Fly Ash Diffuser Stones

Fly Ash Diffuser Stones
Fly Ash Diffuser Stones

Features of Fluidizing Screens:

Cleanability – Ordinary water and detergent, high pressure steam or chemical methods may be used to clean most oil and dirt from the fluidizing material.

Moisture Resistant – Made entirely of 316 stainless steel, therefore, it does not absorb or retain moisture.  Water from condensation does not wet or permeate the metal pore structure.  If an upset condition does occur, drying is quick and trouble free.

Damage Resistant – Unlike brittle stones, stainless steel fluidizing material cannot be damaged during shipment or installation.

Direct Replacement – Designed to fit into existing castings, reusing all nuts, bolts and gaskets.

Heat Resistance – Designed for continuous operating temperatures of 1000°F and to 1200°F intermittently.

Less Downtime – Due to abrasion, heat, moisture and damage resistance product life has been estimated to be 2-4 years.

Abrasion Resistant – Constructed of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, it produces a durable media for severe operating environments.

Lower Pressure Consumption – Less pressure drop, requiring lower air pressure, resulting in reduced blower horsepower.

Fabricating – Material can be fabricated into any shape for flyash storage silos, hoppers, etc.

Storage – 1/16” thick replacement plate is easily stored.

Abrasion Resistant Bottom Ash Slurry Valve


  • Steel body with tungsten carbide lined wear areas
  • Reinforced abrasion resistant molded valve seat
  • Surface ground stainless steel gate
  • Molded neoprene gate seal
  • Pneumatic cylinder with limit switches
  • 150 lb. flange drilling
  • Fly ash & bottom ash pipe
  • 300 Brinell
  • 500 Brinell
  • Plain end
  • Mechanical end joints

Ceramic Lined Elbow

Bottom Ash Pipe


Ceramic Lined Elbow


Abrasion Resistent Ash Slurry Valve

Bottom Ash Slurry

Tungsten carbide gate guide and wear surface, 1/8” thick

Tungsten carbide platelet lined gate guide and wear surface, 1/16” thick

Replaceable Urethane Seat

Replaceable Abrasion Resistant Molded Seat

Ash Handling Replacement Parts

Stocking Program

  • Spare Parts
  • Complete Assemblies

Ash Handling Replacement Parts

Diffuser Feeder Spare Parts

Ash Handling Replacement Parts

Flyash Intake Valve Spare Parts & Assemblies