Tuff Tip®

The Longest Wear-life Available

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  • Cast PI-2200 stainless steel inner tip providing superior heat resistance and creep strength
  • 253MA or 309/310 fabricated outer tip
  • Proprietary stress relieving and tempering provide maximum resistance to catastrophic failure from cracking while making the tip highly stable at elevated temperatures
  • NANOSteel coating in conjunction with proprietary stress relieving produce a surface much harder than traditional weld overlays. The metallurgy of the NANOSteel coating will continue to harden with long term heat exposure.
  • Integral bosses in the inner tip can accept any type of splitter body needed.
  • P&I’s unique splitter plate design incorporates a highly stable stainless steel alloy (PI-2200 or 253MA) with a 600 B HN wear clip.


Save Valuable Mainteneance Time, Shorten Outage Time

Save Maintenance Time, Replace Splitter Plates from the Boiler

  • The failure point on most tips is the splitter, regardless of design
  • The P&I T uff T ip(R) with Integral B osses allows for splitters of any kind to be removed while the tip is still attached to the nozzle
  • Wear clips help protect the bosses to ensure tip integrity over the entire useful wear life
  • Why remove the entire tip, when all you need is a new splitter?


P&I Manufacturers upgraded burner replacement parts for all corner fired units.