Testing Equipment

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At the heart of all fossil fuel fired boiler operations, is the Combustion Firing System. Achieving optimum performance with low emissions does not happen by accident. Power & Industrial has developed specialized services to provide a utility or industrial boiler operator with efficient and cost effective operation. With ever tightening emission regulations along with escalating costs, every owner desires to reduce emissions and improve efficiency—that is exactly what Power & Industrial provides.

Testing EquipmentServices Provided

  • Air Flow Measurements
  • EU Tech – Coalsizer
  • Coal Analyzer Powered by MIC
  • ASME Testing

Parameters Measured

  • NOx, SO2, O2, CO2, CO
  • Temperature, Pressure, Flow
  • Pipe to Pipe
  • Dirty Air
  • Air Flow
  • Sampling Grid
  • Bubbler

Test Methods Provided

  • ASME – PTC 4
  • ASME – PTC 4.2
  • ASME – PTC 4.3
  • EPA – 40 CFR Part 75
  • Air Flow Measurement