Grand River Dam Authority – Coal Fired Complex

Low NOx Burners & OFA System

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Project Summary

Power & Industrial Services provided complete turn-key services to Grand River Dam Authority to improve NOx and combustion with the design, fabrication, installation, start-up and combustion tuning of new low NOx burners and a new overfire air system at the Coal Fired Complex Units 1 & 2 located near Chouteau, Oklahoma.

Project Features

  • Computational Fluid Dynamic Modeling
  • Low NOx Burners, designed and manufactured by Power & Industrial Services, including new igniters and scanners
  • Overfire Air Ports & Bent Tube Panels, designed and manufactured by Power & Industrial Service
  • New Burner Management System
  • Full Balance of Plant Engineering including Mechanical, Electrical, and Control System Design
  • Complete Installation Services including Construction Management and Scheduling
  • Combustion Optimization
  • Performance Testing

Project Description

Grand River Dam Authority retained the services of Power & Industrial Services to engineer, design, manufacture, and install a combustion system upgrade project that included the replacement of 24 low NOx burners and a new 12 port overfire air system on both units.  Both units are opposed wall fired 500 + MWg FW boilers firing low sulfur PRB coal.

The main goal of the project was to improve combustion and operation of the boiler while lowering NOx and CO and keeping unburned carbon to a minimum.

One of the challenges facing GRDA with the existing burners was very high NOx levels at reduced boiler loads. Power & Industrial provided a new burner/OFA design solution that reduced low load NOx levels by 60 to 75%.